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Insight into Interactions

Interactions provides customer experience measurement solutions for our retailer and brand partners. Interactions' sophisticated suite of assessment solutions provide consumer insights to retailers and a proven research vehicle to help maximize associate performance, influence purchasing decisions, drive sales conversion, increase customer satisfaction and create long-term consumer loyalty. We are comprised of retail and marketing experts who have been producing consumer insights to the world's leading retailers and brands for over forty years.


Industries Served:

  • Supermarket
  • Apparel
  • Retail
  • Convenience Store
  • Restaurant and Hotel
  • Apartment Community
  • Consumer Service
  • CPG
  • Manufacturer
  • Market Research and Consulting


Gain Insight into Your Customers

Using our global network of mystery shoppers and auditors, we act as your eyes and ears to help you understand how the experience your customers are receiving matches up against your expectations. On an anonymous (mystery shop) or announced (audit) basis, we will provide insightful observations across your organization and report back on what is happening on the front lines where customer perceptions and purchasing decisions are made. Shopper insights are the keys to building and sustaining your brand across your retail footprint.


Become a Mystery Shopper

Service List


These turnkey programs can be executed in your retail stores quickly, delivering the sales conversion and shopper experience that builds brand loyalty. Some of these programs may also be installed as permanent programs with dedicated resources supporting your internal marketing and merchandising initiatives.


Shopper Insights




High Response Rates, Real-Time Results

Shopper Insights deliver a cost-effective, high-response rate solution to help retailers and brands discover the “why” behind the buy.
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