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CPG Marketers Can Enhance the In-Store Experience

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CPG Marketers Can Enhance the In-Store Experience

Published: January 3, 2018

Grocery retailers are entering uncharted territory as they look for ways to reel in today’s shoppers. Sure, the economy is growing. While that automatically conjures up an image of healthy buying habits, the truth of the matter is that shoppers are turning to digital means instead of physical stores for product information and a quick purchase – even grocery purchases.

While online sales may be booming, in-store sales still play a key role in a retailers’ business with 85 percent of retail sales still made in physical stores today. And when it comes to buying products in-person, grocery stores are among the retailers seen as most necessary for brick-and-mortar retail. But growing the grocery business doesn’t have to be a one-way street especially when CPG manufacturers can help enhance the in-store experience.

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