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We harness the knowledge and experience of our global enterprise to deliver innovation and results for our clients, some of the world’s most renowned retailers and brands.

Everything we do begins with an understanding of the brand and its audience. With that knowledge, we imagine, design, produce and measure unforgettable consumer experiences. See what we mean with the case studies below:

Jamba Juice Campus Ambassador Program

Jamba Juice Campus Ambassador Program




Interactions and Jamba Juice partnered to create a full suite of marketing programs to gain brand awareness and a competitive advantage. Our teams worked closely to bring innovative ideas to life that elevate product and brand perception through strategically researched activations and franchise-specific marketing plans. We deployed a fully branded vehicle to create pop-up events targeting key regions introducing new items. Our outreach programs extended to colleges across the United States and our product sampling events were featured at regional grocery stores. To guarantee operational excellence, we provided mystery shopping programs for Jamba Juice stores to ensure brand consistency and to better understand the competition. Our consumer intercepts help Jamba Juice gauge general brand awareness and product specific responsiveness.