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New Study Explores the Impact of Augmented Reality On Retail

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New Study Explores the Impact of Augmented Reality On Retail

Published: October 11, 2016

Study from Interactions shows technology is changing shoppers’ purchase behavior

SAN DIEGO – October 11, 2016 – Interactions, a leader in experiential retail marketing and part of Daymon, the global leader in consumables retailing, today released “The Impact of Augmented Reality in Retail,” a study of more than 1,000 Americans, that takes a closer look at the ways in which consumers like to use augmented reality as a part of their shopping experience.

“It’s not surprising that 61 percent of respondents reported that augmented reality has already changed where they decide to shop,” said Bharat Rupani, President of Interactions. “AR is reshaping the way shoppers experience and engage with retailers. We are seeing even the most traditional brands start to include this experiential element in stores, largely driven by customer interest.”

Changing Today’s Shopping Experience
Shoppers reacted favorably to the presence of augmented reality, both in-store and online. Sixty-one percent (61%) of respondents say they prefer to shop at stores that offer augmented reality over ones that don’t and 68 percent said they’d spend more time at a retailer if they could shop with AR. Augmented reality has the potential to alter purchasing intent: 40 percent of respondents said they would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through AR and 72 percent said they had purchased items they had not planned on because of augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Preferences and Popularity
Interactions found that shoppers view augmented reality positively and see it as a helpful, complimentary tool. Fifty-five percent (55%) of respondents said that AR makes shopping fun and 45 percent like that it saves them time. Augmented reality also presents an opportunity for retailers to provide more information for shoppers: 77 percent of those surveyed want to use AR to see product differences, like a change in color or style, and 41 percent use it to find out about special promotions and deals.

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