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Webrooming Now Popular Among 88 Percent of Shoppers

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Webrooming Now Popular Among 88 Percent of Shoppers

Published: May 14, 2014

The practice of researching products online before purchasing in-store surpasses its counterpart of showrooming, or researching in-store before buying online


SAN DIEGO – May 13, 2014 – Interactions, the global leader in innovative retail services and product demonstrations for retailers and brands, today released its second Retail Perceptions trend report, “The Rise of Webrooming: A Changing Consumer Landscape.” The report found that while showrooming, the process of researching in-store before buying online, remains popular among 76 percent of consumers, the emerging trend of webrooming, or researching online before buying in-store, is even more common, representing 88 percent of shoppers.


Based on primary research conducted by Interactions, the report includes insights that will help retailers maximize the impact of webrooming, and how it relates to driving sales in-store. Such findings can enable retailers and brands to pinpoint what influences consumers both during the research and the purchase process.


“Consumers expect retailers to be everywhere they are,” said Giovanni DeMeo, Vice President of Global Marketing and Analytics at Interactions. “If retailers are not leveraging omnichannel marketing approaches, or not embracing the concept of ‘Everywhere Commerce,’ they risk an inconsistent customer experience, potentially reduced profits and diminished brand loyalty.”


According to the report, the top reasons people research online before buying in-store include:

  • 75% believe they can find the lowest price in-store;
  • 72% prefer the online process for product comparisons; and
  • 71% prefer the experience of researching online.The report also highlights why people research in-store before buying online:
  • 68% like to experience the product in person first;
  • 48% believe they can find the lowest price online; and
  • 41% prefer to seek help from in-store associates during their research process.

Shoppers were also asked where (in-store or online) they prefer to purchase specific types of products; and active internet users who don’t shop online reveal why they do not participate in e-commerce.


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